A Million Dollar Movie.com
Buying Pixel Ad Space Website to Raise Money for a Feature Film via Screenplay Submissions - run by Matteo Ribaudo, Sean King, Russ Emanuel.
www.amilliondollarmovie.com (website)

Atomicgum Productions
Production Company - worked in association with Russem Productions on Her Knight.
atomicgumhero@yahoo.com (email)

Cammotion Pictures
Production Company - completed The Diary with Producer Russ Emanuel, worked in association with Russem Productions on Perfect Red.
www.cammotion.net (website)

Cinema Crazed
Film Reviews - run by Felix Vasquez Jr.
www.cinema-crazed.com (website)
www.myspace.com/cinemacrazed (myspace site)

Cinema Epoch
Distribution Company - domestic distributor for P.J.
www.cinemaepoch.com (website)

Elle Alexander
Fight/Stunt Coordinator/Actress - was the fight coordinator on Her Knight.
www.ellealexander.com (website)

Internet Movie Database
www.imdb.com (website)

Jenni Alpert
Singer/Songwriter - worked on Her Knight and GWG: Girl With Gun.
www.jennialpert.com (website)

Juniper Post
Post Sound House - worked on Her Knight, worked on Sell Out with Tostado Productions and Producer Russ Emanuel.
www.juniperpost.com (website)

Neil Argo
Composer - composed original scores for Her Knight, Mavet, GWG: Girl With Gun, and currently Perfect Red.
www.neilargo.com (website)

Robert A. Kwartler
Show Business/Commerical Real Estate/Commodities
http://www.robertkwartler.com (website)

Online Movie Source
www.myspace.com/rubyfilmz (myspace site)

Stone Cold Action Productions
Production Company - Russ Emanuel helped out with advice for La Faye Baker's Documentary Hollywood At Its Best.
www.stonecoldaction.com (website)

Tony Farinella - The Bachelor Critic
Film Reviewer
http://www.myspace.com/moviespackers (myspace site)

Tostado Productions
Production Company - worked on Sell Out with Juniper Post and Producer Russ Emanuel.
www.tostadoproductions.com (website)